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Immunolin F18 World Championship IS ON!

As you may have seen on the news, we were projected to be ground zero for a very dangerous hurricane. Fortunately for us, we were spared as the storm came in South of us in the Ft Myers area.

Clearwater was basically spared BUT, it is horrible for our friends and family in the path of the hurricane area and our thoughts and prayers are with them all. There are complete towns that have been wiped out. The level of devastation is unimaginable with some areas leveled.

It is hard to have good news along with bad news but we are happy to say the Immunolin F18 World Championship IS ON! We are going to make this event a fundraiser for the victims and donate money to a charity to directly impact the people who need help the most in the hurricane area in the name of the event. We hope you will be a part of this effort. We are going to incorporate our raffle in this effort as well. Over the next several days, we will research which charity to donate to that will provide the most help. If you want to participate with a private donation, we will be happy to facilitate that. Our goal is to raise at least 5K.

Please review the web site for any news. Also, please make sure that you follow Red Gear Racing Facebook as we will be posting all things F18 Worlds on that site. We also ask that you familiarize yourself with the arrival and departure plan. IT IS IMPERATIVE that you follow directions. We will not expect you until after 12:00 on October 6th and you will enter through the Sand Key Park, which is just to the North of the Sheraton. We will have signs directing you. After 18:00, those signs will be directing you to the back side of the Sheraton where we will store the boats for the night and roll them over to the park in the morning.

Just in case it is not crystal clear….DO NOT DRIVE ONTO THE BEACH AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON and DO NOT ROLL YOUR BOAT ONTO THE BEACH WITHOUT APPROVAL OF THE BEACH CAPTAIN. This is very serious and can results in fines from the county. Please do not be THAT person.