Measurement sign-ups to have your boat weighed and inspected for the World Championships are now available.

Boat weigh-in’s will be conducted from 09:00 to 17:00 both Monday (Oct 10) and Tuesday (Oct 11). Five boats per hour are scheduled to be processed. Boats will be weighed near where the trailers and boats are parked. Sails to be measured and mainsails to be inspected will be taken inside the hotel to a ball room after your boat has been weighed. If you desire to make a different appointment for sail measurement contact Steve Stroebel.

To make a reservation contact Steve Stroebel preferably before Oct 1st, and he will also review with you whether you need any fundamental measurements done on your boat or sails:

You can view (but not change) the current weigh-in and measurement sign-up online.

Other items of interest:

  • For any mainsails missing the F18 Logo above their sail number we have a limited number of logos
    available for free to put on the sail.
  • Both helm and crew must be current members of their respective national F18 organization.
  • For US teams we currently have about 25 people who have not yet established their membership. Please complete memberships online at to avoid delays during the registration process.
  • View the membership list to determine if you are a current member at

If you need help with any of these items contact Steve Stroebel at

We look forward to seeing you at the Worlds in Clearwater!

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