Crew or Skipper Wanted

IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF CREW OR A SKIPPER, Please send your wish list to and we will list your information in this section.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Country Affiliation
  • Do you need a Skipper or Crew
  • How much is your needed person’s ideal weight?
  • What experience do you have?
  • Do you have a boat and if so what kind?

We’ll do our best to find an excellent match for you.

Skipper Looking for Crew

None at this time

Crew Looking for Skipper

Erin Bury
Phone #: 612-715-9883
Country: USA
Need a Skipper
My Weight: 108 pounds (If we need to add weight, I can bring some)
Experience: I race an F18 three days a week. I also own and race an A-Cat and a DN iceboat. I started sailing keelboats on Superior before I could walk until I was ten. After that, I raced on an A-Scow for years and switched to cats three years ago. I never turn down an opportunity to be on a boat. I’m the happiest crew you will ever have with dedication to match. I don’t just keep up with the boys, I beat them. If you don’t have a boat but still want to skipper, let’s find one! 

Duly Chaltain
Phone #: (251) 648-2449 
Country: USA
Need a Skipper
My Weight: 150 lbs
Experience: 30 years of cat sailing. 
Boat: Currently own & sail a Bimare Javelin 18ht & a Prindle 19 MX I race both boats

Chris Reuwsaat
Phone #: (212) 729-1357
Country: USA
Need a Skipper
My Weight: 190 lbs
Experience: Great Texas 300 and club racing
Boat: Currently owns a Capricorn

Chris Stater
Phone #: (678) 520 0681
Country: USA
Need a Skipper
My Weight: 190 lbs (desired Skipper weight range 130 to 150 lbs)
Experience: I represented P.R. in 1976 Olympics (Tornado), 22nd in 1989 Hobie 18 Worlds
Boat: Falcon with One Design Sails

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