Manufacturers Reception Night!   October 12, 2022

Set aside October 12th for the Manufacturers Reception night.   We have asked all the manufacturers to step up to the plate and support this event.    We want to make this a special night for the Manufacturers and for the sailors.   We will have an early reception where we hope to hear from the different manufacturers about what they are doing and what they have planned for the future for the F18 Class and give them a chance to speak about their designs.    This will be part of what we air out to the outside audience watching at home as well as in the 10 minute documentary that will be produced.

Every event at a hotel is very expensive.   We have asked each manufacturer to sponsor $100 for each team who are sailing their design.   This will give the companies who are just starting out to be a part of the action as well.   We have asked that each manufacturer do a 10 boat minimum donation.   In addition we have asked each manufacturer to donate one item to the raffle that we will have at the event.   The sailors will enjoy this sponsored reception on October 12th.

A portion of the proceeds from entire event will be donated to the My Sail Youth Foundation with its Southeast foundation located right here in Clearwater, FL.

For the sailors, please make sure to visit the Raffle page and you will see what your manufacturers are donating so you can plan to bid on items you may want.

Visit St Pete Clearwater

We are very excited to welcome Visit St Pete Clearwater, Florida as a major sponsor partner of the F18 Immunolin World Championships, the F18 Warm up regatta, the Nacra 15 Youth Nationals and the F16 Nationals.   Please welcome them by clicking on the ‘Visit Now‘ button and visit the St. Pete – Clearwater, Florida website.   We have some exciting announcements coming out soon as a direct result of this partnership.   Stay tuned!

Kira Graphics

We would like to welcome Kira Graphics, who will be our official graphics company for the Red Gear Racing Championships and the  2022 Immunolin World Championships. Kira will be providing all our graphics and banner needs for these events. If you are in need of any graphics we can have them ready for you so you do not have to carry them with you! Thank you Kira!



Getting to the Worlds is expensive if you are shipping a container….REALLY EXPENSIVE…BUT….we have some major relief!

For the first 15 teams that apply, we will have shipping grants courtesy of VISIT ST PETE/CLEARWATER

We will have a form listed under the shipping page on the web site soon. You will be able to register and apply for the $750.00 Grant PER BOAT!

One grant per team. It must be the boat you are racing at the 2022 Worlds in Clearwater. Your boat must not be sold while you are here or you will forfeit your grant and must come in a 40′ shipping container. All grants are subject to approval.

The best place to ship a container from and to: Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah. We are currently getting quotes put together.

For more information please contact Jill at

Goodall Design announces a very special deal

Charter a boat for the F18 WORLDS

  • If you would like to charter a boat, please fill out the form on the Charter Boats page so we can put you in a queue for available boats.
  • We are expecting C2 and Infusions to charter for $4,000 – $6,250 USD.
  • We are expecting Akurras to charter for $6,250 USD.
  • Prices to include insurance and require a $1,500 USD cash deposit for your security deposit.

Purchase a charter boat From the F18 WORLDS after the WORLDS

If you would like to purchase a charter boat after the WORLDS, please contact Jill at Deposits will be required and boats will be sold in the order of inquiry.

Limited availability $26,950 USD you get an almost new Akurra, including wheels and chocks. Available for pick up after the worlds or available to store in Clearwater for the Winter and participate in the future winter series. Mast down or mast up beach storage available.

Purchase a new Akurra and sail it yourself for the WORLDS

Available prior to the Worlds.  If you would like to purchase a new Akurra and be able to sail it at the WORLDS, please contact Jill at

$31,950 USD including wheels and chocks. Available for pick up after the worlds or available to store in Clearwater for the Winter and participate in the winter series. Mast down or mast up beach storage available.


As the deadline for the first early registration discount approaches (March 31, 2022), We are happy to announce additional sponsorship for those boats shipping over seas by container or Ro/Ro.

We are able to increase sponsorship to $200.00 per boat for any boat shipping overseas.

Charter boats and new or used boats being sold to the US do not qualify for this sponsorship. So for those teams who consolidated their container loads and have 10 boats on board, they can get up to $2000.00 to help with shipping costs!

We are really excited about being able to offer this and thank our sponsors for this event…Immunolin, Andersen Tax, Gondelier Restaurants, Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Red Gear Racing, Clearwater and St Petersburg Yacht clubs. We also hope to have more coming on board soon to help make this event even better.

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