Special Stories: Part 1

TODAY WAS A VERY SPECIAL DAY…..I traveled down to Northport and Ft Myers to give some of the CASH directly to families that was raised at the 2022 Immunolin F18 World Championship Event, this past October.

Please watch the interviews and know just a few of the stories that so many people went through and know that YOUR efforts at raising money at the Raffle and Auction at the event made all this possible. Today we visited 4 families. There are more to come but we wanted to share this experience with everyone!

Below you will hear from Amanda and Deven and their 2 children, Ellie and 3 month old Kasen from North Port, Florida….an Hour away from ground Zero in Ft Myers of Hurricane Ian! They are currently living in a relative’s 2 Car Garage! ….that is GARAGE…not converted garage! Amanda is a Nurse and Deven is a Deputy! It took 5 days to get to their house finally on an AIRBOAT! The damage is devastating.

Stay tuned for more interviews of great people! Thank you to all of our sponsors below and all of the competitors of the 2022 Immunolin F18 World Championship for making this possible!

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