Arrival & Departure Plan


  • We ask for each of you to familiarize yourself with the site layout at the bottom of this page so that arriving will run smoothly and departures will be fast.
  • We ask each of you to help us leave a good impression on the Sheraton Sand Key by following the requests set down and cleaning up after yourselves.
  • We are planning to have multiple hoses set for watching off purposes.
  • We ask to have NO sailing equipment in the pool and to be mindful that this is a resort.
  • We ask that NO wet gear inside the hotel. Please leave all the sand and water outside!


  • Arrivals will be on the North side of the hotel
  • NO ONE is to put any equipment on the beach without coordinating with the event
  • There are NO vehicles or trailers are allowed on the beach at any time
  • Please be mindful of turtle nests and notify the regatta office if you find one that has not been marked
  • Early arrivals must be coordinated with the Regatta Chair
  • Container arrivals must be coordinate with the Regatta Chair
  • You are allowed to put down a piece of astro turf in your space as long as you remove it when you leave the event. Our sand is soft white sugar sand.
  • Vehicle parking will be in the hotel parking area.
  • All trailer and container arrivals will be on the North Side of the hotel. You will follow the arrows and we will be able to stage multiple trailers to put their masts up and unload their platforms. The platforms will be rolled down the sand roadway on the North side of the Tennis courts and trailers will be parked in the trailer parking area.
  • We will have 2 double rows of boats and 1 single row that is staged East to West. Each space will be provided ground anchors to be able to tie off to. The spaces will be 26 x 12 so you will have plenty of room for a storage box and or pop up tent if you wish.


  • Trailers will be staged along the wall, tongue in where possible so you can load in the parking lot. We will be making special arrangements for containers as well as large trailers.
  • We will have an additional water washing station near the containers.
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