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Arrival & Departure Plan


  • We ask for each of you to familiarize yourself with the site layout at the bottom of this page so that arriving will run smoothly and departures will be fast.
  • We ask each of you to help us leave a good impression at the Sheraton Sand Key by following the requests set down and cleaning up after yourselves.
  • We are planning to have multiple hoses set for washing-off purposes.
  • We ask to have NO sailing equipment in the pool and to be mindful that this is a resort.
  • We ask that NO wet gear inside the hotel. Please leave all the sand and water outside.


Do not attempt to drive onto the beach or pull your boat onto the beach for ANY reason without the express prior approval of the Beach Captain.

  • Cheryl Johnson will be the Beach Captain, and can be reached at 813-624-3664. She will be at the hotel beginning on October 6th at 12PM.
  • You must have clearance from the Beach Captain to roll onto the beach each day. Prior to us rolling onto the beach, we have to receive an all clear EACH DAY for turtle nests from the State officials monitoring this area.
  • Boats are not allowed on the beach after sunset. 

Please make sure you follow the Beach Rules. FINES can be imposed up to $10,000 USD if you do not comply. Additional penalties can result from the Organizing Authority. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER!


  • Arrivals prior to October 6th, 2022, 12:00
    • Early arrivals must be coordinated with the Regatta Chair
    • Boats will be at the Beach Pen at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center.
  • After October 6th, 2022, 12:00
    • If you are arriving BEFORE 06:00, we will have you enter the racing site thru the Park entrance, just to the North of the Sheraton.
    • If you are arriving AFTER 18:00, we will have you enter thru the back side of the Sheraton as shown on the layout.
      • Trailers will be temporarily stored at the back side of the hotel for those arriving late until the next morning when you can drive into the park.
  • You will have an assigned spot that will remain yours throughout the event for your trailer and boat.
  • The park closes at sunset each evening but the gates open if you are trying to exit. Free parking will be at the Sheraton. You are responsible for parking fees if you choose to park at the Park. NO CARS ARE ALLOWED TO REMAIN in the boat area.
  • Container arrivals must be coordinate with the Regatta Chair
  • NO ONE is to put any equipment on the beach without coordinating with the event
  • Vehicle parking will be in the hotel parking area.


  • We will be making special arrangements for containers as well as large trailers.
  • We will have an additional water washing station near the containers.


If you are planning on sending your boat in the St Barths container, at the conclusion of the event you will roll all the way up the beach into the Sand Key Parking lot where we will have a disassembly area for you to wash down and disassemble your boat to get it ready to load on the morning of the 17th.

That area will be on the North Side of the Sheraton Parking lot naked on the site map. The Truck will arrive lat morning for loading and you will have approximately 90 minutes to get loaded. Please make sure everything is marked with your name or boat number.