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Manufacturers Reception Night!   October 12, 2022

Set aside October 12th for the Manufacturers Reception night.   We have asked all the manufacturers to step up to the plate and support this event.    We want to make this a special night for the Manufacturers and for the sailors.   We will have an early reception where we hope to hear from the different manufacturers about what they are doing and what they have planned for the future for the F18 Class and give them a chance to speak about their designs.    This will be part of what we air out to the outside audience watching at home as well as in the 10 minute documentary that will be produced.

Every event at a hotel is very expensive.   We have asked each manufacturer to sponsor $100 for each team who are sailing their design.   This will give the companies who are just starting out to be a part of the action as well.   We have asked that each manufacturer do a 10 boat minimum donation.   In addition we have asked each manufacturer to donate one item to the raffle that we will have at the event.   The sailors will enjoy this sponsored reception on October 12th.

A portion of the proceeds from entire event will be donated to the My Sail Youth Foundation with its Southeast foundation located right here in Clearwater, FL.

For the sailors, please make sure to visit the Raffle page and you will see what your manufacturers are donating so you can plan to bid on items you may want.