As the deadline for the first early registration discount approaches (March 31, 2022), We are happy to announce additional sponsorship for those boats shipping over seas by container or Ro/Ro. We are able to increase sponsorship to $200.00 per boat for any boat shipping overseas. Charter boats and new or used boats being sold to the US do not qualify for this sponsorship. So for those teams who consolidated their container loads and have 10 boats on board, they can get up to $2000.00 to help with shipping costs! We are really excited about being able to offer this and thank our sponsors...

F18 Major Sponsorship for Shipping

Red Gear Racing will sponsor $100.00 for each boat shipped in a shipping container from off shore or on a Rollon Rolloff trailer. That means for a container with 10 boats, $1000.00. Boats left or sold in the US or chartered do not qualify for this sponsorship. We are working on additional help as well but this will help to get the ball rolling. We have forms on the website to apply for charters as well.

International Shipping Details

Hecny Group is currently working with the regatta organizers to centralized and simplify the round trip shipping of your boats and gear. The services will include the booking, the trucking both at origin and in the USA, Origin and USA Customs and ocean freight to from the event. See the Shipping & Containers page for more information.

Goodall Charters sign-up now available

Howdy folks! We’ve posted a sign-up form for those interested in Goodall (C2, Akurra) charters for the 2022 Worlds and/or the Clearwater Regatta events. Interested? Want to know more? Go to the Charter Boats page.

Winter Series racing hotel stay

You may make discounted hotel reservations at the Sheraton Sand Key in Clearwater Beach, FL for the F18 Winter Worlds Series races.  You need to contact the hotel DIRECTLY at 727-595-1611 and ask for the “Mini Regattas”. The first week end coming up has a significant discount of 189.00.

Charter Boats update

We are expecting to have several boats for Charter from the Manufacturers. In addition to that we want to match up owners with people who are interested in Chartering. Please make sure to contact us at if you have a boat available to charter for the Worlds. Refer to our Charters page for the latest information.
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